MY Ghost Series

Ghost House


 Ghost House is the first in my Ghost Series.  95% true story of a haunted house my family rented.  Stand alone story.  


Ghost Granny


 Come meet Luna, the Ghost Granny.  In this second book in the Ghost series. Visit Enchanted where all your wishes and dreams come true, with a little help from our favorite bubble butt Luna, and Thelma's special chocolate coffee.  


Ghost Cat


 Thelma the Ghost Cat finds herself in Michigan. What is her mission and how is she going to get back home?  Hint: A suitcase is involved. A book to make you laugh. 


Miss Enchanter - Ophelia's Story


 Ophelia thought she would have to stay in feline form forever. Ophelia and Thelma are able to find their way back to Enchanted after a lot of fun twists and turns and a ride in a suitcase. Read how the family is reunited and just how Luna got that bubble butt    g��F��'�>�m


Gertie's Choice


Gertie Enchanter is a great and powerful beauty.  Learn how she met the mortal love of her life and why she left Enchanted to be with him and raise her daughter as a mortal. This is the fifth book in the Ghost series, although they are all written to be enjoyed individually as stand-alone stories as well.


I Promised You - Ophelia @ William's Story


I Promised You is the story of Ophelia, the sister who stayed behind in 1600 England to be with William, the mortal she fell in love with, for as long as he lived. This is the sixth and final book of the Ghost Series. While all can be read as stand alone, this last book would be best enjoyed reading at least one of the other book series first. 


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