Wyandotte Mystery Series

Following Suzanne

 Suzanne dreamed  someone was playing with her hair, nipping at her neck and giving her butterfly kisses. When she takes a shower she begins screaming and collapses to the floor. What happened to her?  Is the attacker even real? The police don’t seem to think so. 



Carly was privy to many secrets. Secrets that can touch every part of your life and come back to haunt you. Who gets hit with a shopping cart and how does that changed their life forever? Mutton Chops is back to play a hand in all of this, bringing generations of DelRay women back together. 



Shannon gives herself a new name and a new pastime - his name is Travis. Things go horribly wrong and Shannon finds herself at the business end of a gun and about to be blown to bits. Would anyone know Jennifer was actually Shannon and will someone find her before it is too late? Is anyone even looking for her?


Murder Outside the Circle

Witches, a nun, a cowboy and a mule all collide at the Fire Circle where one man and one woman seek their revenge. The ladies are in trouble again when the criminal they put away escapes from prison.  Once again Mutton Chops is in the middle of it all. 

Final Myandotte Mystery Series book.


Make The Worm Turn - COMING SOON

This is a dark, scary story of stalking and murder. Emily Korea had better watch her back because someone else is. Scary!  Coming January 2019


Courtesy of Nevaeh COMING SOON

Zack has seen this his entire life, but why?  What is the message he is supposed to receive?  Coming December, 2018